Who Are We ?

All our Podiatrists are fully trained and Registered with The Health Professions Council and are all members of The Society of Chiropodists & Podiatrists.

Our fully qualified Podiatrists are highly trained in all types of foot care, with wide experience in all disciplines of Podiatry from basic foot care to bio-mechanics. Our expertise mean that we can deal with people who have Diabetes, those who are affected by Learning and Physical Impairments, and also Children.

Our treatments include: Hard Skin/Callus Removal, In Grown Toenails, Corn Removal, Verrucae Treatment & Advice, General Nail Care, Bio-Mechanics & much more.

Bio-mechanics explained

Bio-mechanics is the study and science of how people move. Your posture, movement of joints and positioning, particularly of the feet all play a big part in effective, pain free movement. Your foot, ankle, hip, knee and back can all be affected if one or more of the above points are compromised.
This can lead to pain when moving and/or at rest and a general decrease in mobility which may affect your working, sporting and social life.

If you are experiencing any problems with the above, a bio-mechanical assessment may be helpful in identifying the cause of these problems.
Treatments for these problems can include general advice, stretching or exercises and insoles (also called orthotics) all aimed at decreasing pain, increasing movement and getting you moving effectively again.

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